Polycarpon tetraphyllum (fourleaf manyseed)

fourleaf manyseed leaves

Leaf type: Ovate
Phyllotaxis: Alternate, whorled

Leaf (upper side)

fourleaf manyseed leaves in February
Fourleaf manyseed basal leaves in February.

Habitus & biology

Fourleaf manyseed can grow as an annual, biennial or perennial. Depending on the habitat, its stems either lie flat on the ground or stand upright. They reach a length of between 5 and 20 centimetres.

fourleaf manyseed habitus
Fourleaf manyseed in April.

Distribution & habitates

Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and as an introduced species also in other regions (source).

fourleaf manyseed on a house wall
Fourleaf manyseed growing on a house wall.

Fourleaf manyseed inhabits sunny to semi-shady locations and can be found in urban areas on roadsides, roadsides, between paving stones, on walls or in front of house walls.

fourleaf manyseed in paving
Fourleaf manyseed in paving.


Polycarpon tetraphyllum is a member of the carnation family (Caryophyllaceae) and commonly known as four-leaved allseed, fourleaf allseed and fourleaf manyseed.

Polycarpon tetraphyllum fourleaf manyseed